Sewage Cleanup & Sewage Removal


Call us now for sewage backup cleanup, sewage removal and sewage damage restoration & sewage cleanup services.Restoration Dispatched provides all these services in Suffolk County Long Island & Nassau County Long Island.

Sewage Damage

Are you having problems with your sewage system? A damaged sewage system can cause you a lot of trouble especially when the wastewater overflows into your building. Restoration Dispatched of Suffolk County Long Island & Nassau County Long Island takes care of all kinds of sewage damage. Restoration Dispatched has a lot of experience in handling sewage repair in Suffolk County Long Island & Nassau County Long Island and stopping further damage to property.

Sewage Cleanup

If you are naturally very handy, you may be able to repair minor sewage damages that cause small leaks. Ideally, to have a properly sanitized and disinfected system, you will need to get a professional to handle your sewage cleanup. Sewage cleanup requires more than just taking care of the leaks. It also entails prevention of microbial development.

Sewer water damage poses a significant health risk, especially to the elderly and children. People who have a weak immune system and those with severe respiratory problems are also at a significant health risk when there is sewer damage. Wastewater exposes people to the risk of contracting diseases like Giardia, Hepatitis A and Tetanus. This is why it is extremely important to have a restoration professional handle your sewage cleanup.

There are various kinds of wastewater which results from a sewage backup. If you have a broken tap, pipe or faucet, you may have water overflowing into other areas of the building and causing damage to property. If this water is left out for long, it may become a health hazard. Sewer damage may also lead to the overflow of grey water. Commonly grey water comes from an overflowing washing machine, toilet or dishwasher. Gray water is likely to have bacteria that are harmful to your health. Blackwater is extremely contaminated water that can overflow into your building from rivers, toilets with faecal matter, stagnant water, sewers or other places. Contact with this type of waste water can cause severe illness. Avoid ingestion of this water as it may even lead to death in severe cases.

Restoration Dispatched is a certified sewage cleanup company. Call us now and we will have our highly skilled personnel at your door in no time. Our well-trained staff will provide you professional sewage cleanup and sanitation.

When sewage damage has occurred, it is not enough to carry out a partial cleanup. Bio-contaminants like fungi, parasites, bacteria and viruses thrive in contaminated areas. We sanitise every area that way affected by the wastewater including furniture, floorboards, walls and carpets. We carry out the cleanup and sanitation as immediately as possible to curb the growth of mould.

Sewage Damage Restoration

Sewage damage requires an emergency response. Every minute that passes makes a tremendous difference. Restoration Dispatched will always make a prompt response to your call. Our highly professional personnel your sewer water damage as an emergency. Our priority is not only cleaning up the sewer damage and sanitising the affected area. We will also help you salvage your belonging that may have been damaged by the waste water. When you call on us, we will help you to minimise loss of your property.

Our professional services are available at very affordable rates. We also accept insurance claims. Our personnel are very efficient and ready and willing to help you take care of all your sewer problems. Call Restoration Dispatched to get estimates for our sewage cleanup services.


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