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Broken Pipe Flood Cleanup

Home and business property owners know all too well the risks that come with the installation of water pipes. Water is a necessary resource, which means that it is inevitable to have a system in place for its supply and disposal in a residential or commercial property. However, there is no knowing when the water pipes will burst. As a result, broken water pipes are among the major causes of water damage in homes and business places because most people are often caught unprepared.broken-pipe

If you live in Suffolk County or Nassau County in Long Island, you do not have to deal with the menace of broken pipes on your own. If you are in need of the most reliable broken water pipe flood cleanup and water removal services, G-Tech Restoration is your preferred company.

Water damage leads to the destruction property not to mention the restoration cost and the time taken to clean up the whole property. We know that this process can be a little hectic for the adequate and safe restoration of water damaged property.

This is why you need to have our phone number on your speed dial to get in touch with us for 24/7 emergency service.

Call us now to enjoy our offer of risk-free estimates and to enjoy world-class services. Once you get in touch with us, a project manager will be sent to your residential or commercial property to access the damage caused by the burst pipes and give you an estimate.

Explaining the insurance process for flood cleanup

Once you notice that your pipes are broken, you need to ensure your safety first. If the water damage caused is massive, you should get out of the house before even calling for help.

Your insurance company should be the first professional experts you call so you can narrate the calamity that has just occurred. From there, you can notify your insurance company that you are contracting G-Tech Restoration Company to help with the cleanup process.

The insurance company will likely send a representative to assess the damage and the state of your property to aid in the filing of claims and compensation.

The restoration insurance claim process in Long Island is quite easy, especially when you take your time to document the damage that has occurred. This is where you make a list of all the items that have undergone water damage and their estimated cost. If the damage is minimal, you will have the time to inspect every corner of the house. It is important, however, to note that water damage could pose a major problem if the pipes that burst are wide in diameter. This means that more water will get to your property. Since you have to evacuate the property, you will only need to make a rough estimate of damage by observation.

Call us today to get a free estimate and to enjoy premium quality services that ensure the safety of your property. Our broken pipe flood cleanup and water removal processes are highly effective. We are here just for you!

Importance of using a restoration company

Water damage caused by burst pipes may lead to major damage to property both in homes and in commercial areas. It is often linked to mold damage that may sometimes lead to the rotting of important things like furniture, the ceiling, roof, walls, floor etc. The extent of damage caused by water damage, mold growth, and rot depends on the material of the items affected. Regardless of the nature of the water damage, you need to contact a restoration company that will provide adequate and effective professional services to help clean your residential or commercial property and ensure it is safe for you and your loved ones.

Whenever an incident like broken or burst pipes occurs in your home or business, the first thing that comes to mind is, “do you really need the services of a restoration company?”

broken pipe tipSome water events are minor such that you can restore the place yourself with the right tools. If you decide to DIY, you should act fast to extract the water, dry it out completely, and restore the property.

You should make this decision fast since delayed restoration activities end up making the process harder and more costly.

The benefits of using G-Tech Restoration Company are:

  • We use high-quality equipment

We rely on highly advanced machines and equipment ranging from moisture meters to humidifiers and air movers. Using such equipment helps us to extract water as well as ensure that your property is dried fast. Our team is on standby awaiting your call and we will have your residential or commercial property back to its normal operating schedule in no time.

We use hydro-sensors to know the depth of the water that has penetrated your property then we can begin the drying process. Having such information is useful in restoring all your valuables successfully.

If you decide to hire us, all the above equipment will be at your disposal as we help you get through this tough time.

  • Top level experience

We have been helping residents of Suffolk County and Nassau County in Long Island to restore their property after water damage for several years now. We have successfully completed a series of projects entrusted to us by our esteemed clients.

You, therefore, can confidently seek our client-oriented services and watch as we transform your previously damaged home or commercial property.

We have a team of specialists who are experts in specific fields of the restoration process. This means that our technicians are highly competent and capable of performing their duties and meeting your expectations.

  • Highly trained personnel

Our team is highly trained, which means that you will be leaving your valuable property in the hands of experts. These individuals are trained in water damage restoration to ensure that plumbing tipseach project is efficiently completed. We also ensure that our team stays updated on the changes in the industry for 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Our employees undergo regular specialized training with respect to cleaning up, drying out, and restoring water-damaged property.

  • Certification 

We are certified as one of the leading restoration companies in the country. We are also fully licensed and insured to perform water restoration services to clients in Long Island. We also require all personnel to go for continuing education classes to sharpen their expertise and skills. This way, you can be sure that your property is in capable hands every time you seek our services.

  • Complete detection 

It is not advisable for you to rely on the initial estimation that you made of the amount of water damage in your property. This is because water penetrates to places that are not readily visible. You, therefore, need the services of a team of professionals to help you out.

Since we rely on advanced technology, top standard tools, and highly skilled experts, we will be sure not to overlook anything. We will assess every section of the water system so our plumbers can install better quality pipes whose durability is simply outstanding.

  • You will enjoy comprehensive restoration services

Now that we have removed the water, you need to authorize our team to dry out any water damaged property. If there are items that cannot be replaced, we will seek your approval first before removing them.

We offer a comprehensive restoration package for our clients so we can leave all your property clean and safe. Our restoration team is capable of offering comprehensive services to ensure your property is back in use. When we are done with your property, it should be fully dried, disinfected, and deodorized.

If you want us to make some refinishing touches and repainting, we also have technicians that specialize in such services.

G-Tech Restoration Company is your preferred service provider as we aim to meet all your property restoration needs. We always make sure to deliver high-quality services despite the size of the project or the level of water damage in the property.

What are you waiting for? Call your preferred restoration company today. Our customer care department is on standby waiting for you get in touch with us. Our services are affordable and convenient as we bring them right to your doorstep at whichever time!

Preventative Tips

Fast Action Needed

Water damage may be caused by natural calamities like floods and heavy rains or other factors like burst pipes. Whatever the case, you need to take action quickly to address the situation. When left to sit on the property for too long, the water will cause mold growth, which is harder to clean. Moreover, it could lead to the absolute damage of personal property so they can never be restored.

We are licensed and insured. As a result, you can be sure that we will meet your goals and restore your property safely to an even better state than it was.

We have teams on standby waiting to provide 24/7 emergency services whenever you need them.

You no longer have to go through the trouble of cleaning your water-damaged property solely. Dealing with this intense event is enough for your heart. You need to hire a reliable restoration company like G-Tech that works with professional technicians to restore your property for you.

The steps you need to take while waiting for G-Tech Restoration Company representatives

iceThe aim of any property owner is to make the restoration process as simple and straightforward as possible. Once you have given us a call, some of the measures you can take while waiting for our team of experts are:

  • If you realize that the water damage in your residential or commercial property was caused by a plumbing source, you need to first stitch it off. When the plumbing system is turned off, no more water will find its way into your property. Our restoration team will quickly clean up and dry out the water while conducting the appropriate repairs and replacements in the system.
  • Take caution of any electronic devices and feeders to avoid any accidental electrocutions. It is safer for you to turn off the power line since you are dealing with water that could cause more damage when exposed to electricity.
  • If you have kids and pets, you need to evacuate them from the water-damaged property to avoid illnesses and accidents.
  • Once everyone is safe in your property, go retrieve all your essential documents, artwork, antiques, furniture, heirlooms, and other belongings.
  • Ensure that the path leading from the door to the inside is cleared. This will give enough room for the technicians to set up their equipment and put the necessary items outside.
  • If the water damage event has occurred during the dark hours, you should turn on the porch torch so the restoration technicians can get around easily.
  • The last step is for you to stay calm as our restoration experts clean up, dry out, and restore your property.

So, do you have a burst pipe in your residential or commercial property? If you do, you do have to deal with it alone. Water removal and broken pipe flood cleanup are our specialties. Our team of highly qualified and certified technicians will effectively restore your entire property while ensuring minimal losses are experienced.

Call our customer care department today and get a free quote for a wide range of premium restoration services.

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