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At G-Tech Restoration, we have the highly-skilled, professional team you need for your residential and commercial sewer or flooding cleanup needs. After the area is cleaned, we can also do repairs that will restore your property. We can also make renovations that will prevent similar issues in the future. To find out how we can help you with emergency services, call us now for a free estimate.

With our risk-free, no cash upfront estimates, a project manager will meet you at your property to assess the situation. We also make it easy for you, not only by offering 24/7 emergency service, but we also help you fill out the paperwork required by your insurance by being licensed and insured. Our services are located in the Long Island, Suffolk County and Nassau County area.

What does a sewage or flood cleaning and repair service do?

When your property is flooded with sewage or water, it can seem like it will never look like it did before. However, our Long Island team can help you with all of the issues related to this problem with your commercial or private property. The first step is to assess the situation and give you an estimate, and, once approved, we we show up with our team. For example, for water removal, we will bring along heavy duty technology that will help to remove all of the excess water. After we have all of the area cleared of moisture, the next step is to remove damaged building materials. The next to the last step is to sanitize the area and get it completely dry. Our final step is to make any repairs you deem necessary as the property owner. Each step of the way, we are in contact with you about any updates or change in plans.

Why you need to act quickly when you have sewage and flood damage

Sometimes, property owners forget that acting quickly when you have flood water in your house or business is critical. When our Suffolk County cleanup company works with a property, the longer the issue has been going on, the more hours it takes to clean up the situation. For example, water that has been sitting for awhile may have become unsanitary and need specialized equipment for removal. Depending on the water source, a flooded property may have a biological element to the damage, and this could cause its own separate set of cleanup issues. Worse, a sewage-flooded property that is not immediately cleaned up could get fined for creating a place where unhealthy microorganisms are flourishing.

Why using a flood or sewer repair and cleaning company is important

removing flood waterWhen you have thousands of dollars of flood damage or sewer clean up, getting reimbursed by the insurance company is of immediate importance. Thankfully, using a licensed and professional restoration company will help you significantly in getting your insurance company to pay out as soon as possible. After all, if they have any questions, they can call our company and we will provide them with the types of answers they need for our Nassau County customers. Regardless, the insurance company is not the only way to get your money back for flooding cleanup that is not your fault, and we also help our customers with issues related to municipalities.

Why can I not clear sewage or flood damage by myself?

When you have severe flooding or sewer damage in your home or property, you can in fact help in several ways to save money. For example, knowing where the water main is can be helpful for keeping certain types of flood cleaning services to a minimum. The sooner you turn off a problematic water main away from the flooding in the house, the better. The same goes for turning off the power to the house from the main breaker, but only if it is outside of the flooded areas . Nevertheless, due to the risk of fatalities, it is recommended to evacuate the premises immediately and call professionals if you have flooding or sewage issues.

Which sewage or flood cleaning up jobs should I avoid as a homeowner?

After you have had all of the flood or sewage water removed from your property, you may be tempted to start restoring your flooded home on your own. Unfortunately, unlike other DIY projects, you are not dealing with a clean slate. Instead, you will be exposed to a large number of microbes that may cause illness. One other problem with damaged building materials after flooding is that they are now soaked with chemicals due to the moisture collecting around them. Along with hazmat suits, our professional team knows the pitfalls of the flood cleaning up process, and how to avoid injuries such as falling through weakened floors.

Which sewage or flood cleaning jobs should I not do if I own a rental company?

When you have already hired your own team of handymen, does this give you permission to forgo a professional sewage or flood cleanup company? Your responsibilities as a landlord will be different for water removal than if you are a homeowner. The main issue will be keeping your residents safe, and this might involve renting hotel rooms for them. You may also need to have other permits or paperwork filed with local governments to ensure you are keeping them informed of the process you are going through. Although some maintenance staff have the professional background to help with flood cleaning or repairs, they may not have the latest equipment to do the job quickly and safely.

How homeowners insurance covers flood or sewage damage

If your Long Island home was hit by flooding or storm-related sewer damage, figuring out how to get your insurance company to pay out can seem like a nightmare. Alternatively, we know exactly what they are looking for, and we can help you with the process in the following ways:

Documenting your losses: When the insurance adjuster shows up, we can show them pictures of the damage to your home and an estimate of how much it will cost to repair.

Recording repairs: If your insurance company claims repairs are not made, we can help you with proof of repairs with photos taken before and after the cleaning up process.

Providing copies of professional documents: We stand by our high-quality standards, and this means we show up with the correct permits and other paperwork related to our costs.

How businesses are covered by sewer and flood damage restorationflooded home

When you own several properties, it can be difficult to give each property the individual attention it needs. Worse, when you hire a professional water removal service, you do not have the time to hover over them to make sure they are not overcharging you. For this reason, we offer transparent pricing and keep in touch with you about potential increases based on the size of the project. This gives you control to stop the project and try other options. This also helps your insurance company to get the services you need within a price range the insurance company prefers.

What to do if the city is responsible for your sewage and flood issues

Sadly, there are many homeowners stuck with a big bill while they wait for the city to figure out how to pay them back. If your Suffolk County property is in this situation, we are happy to help. In addition to doing the work the right way with the correct permits, we can also provide critical documentation that has helped other property owners in the Long Island area get justice from local municipalities. If things do not go as expected, we are here for you as you enter the legal process, and all you need to do is reach out to us if you need additional help.

How to avoid sewer and flood repairs in the future

Can you truly avoid sewer and flood damage in the future? Although there are certain properties that cannot be helped, we are invested in standing by our customers through the entire restoration process. This means that we can provide some preventative tips, but we can also help our Nassau County customers with referrals to heavy duty landscape drainage specialist, sewer repair services, specialized plumbers and architects.

How a skilled and professional flood or sewage restoration service is your best choice

Have you ever seen a story on social media that reports how people in natural disaster areas are getting scammed by contractors? Part of this happens because these shady contractors will ask for a cash down payment to do any work. Although some people will take advantage of a property owner when they are going through a rough patch, we like to show compassion by being understanding of your situation and offering to help. Along with our free estimate, one of the best ways we can help you during a flood cleaning is with transparent pricing. This means that we charge the same prices for your property as we do for all of the others. Transparent pricing also means we will let you know upfront what we will charge you and why we are charging you before we do the work.

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If you are stressed about your flooded home or sewage-filled commercial property, give us a call today. Unlike other services that show up in an unmarked white van, we are trained, licensed and insured. To get started, ask us about our free estimate or 24/7 Emergency Services. In addition to flood or sewer remediation, we also specialize in water damage, fire damage, mold remediation and storm damage for both commercial or private home properties. Thank you in advance for choosing us as your restoration and repair company. We look forward to hearing from you.

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