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March 27, 2018
flooded basement

Flood Cleanup Service on Long Island in New York

Helpful Flood Removal Service on Long Island, New York Home disasters can be unpleasant experiences. It can be hard to deal with the effects of a flood on your property. Many different things can lead to flooding as well. Storms and intense rains can bring on flooding. Frozen pipes can even bring on flooding. When you need professional flood cleanup service on Long Island in New York, there’s no disputing what you need to do next. You need to recruit the assistance of qualified and trained technicians. Ignoring a flood can bring on all kinds of negative consequences. It can
January 29, 2018

What to do after a house fire on Long Island

What To Do After A House Fire on Long Island Not everyone knows how to handle the effects of a house fire. Basic household supplies are not enough to clean up an area damaged by fire. At G-Tech Restoration, we have the equipment and experience to restore any home in and around Long Island. Before you contact us, know what you should do right after a fire occurs. Know When to Reenter the Home After a fire, your house is full of soot and debris. In any situation, you should never reenter when there is smoke and small pockets of
January 26, 2018

Recognizing the Obvious and Not-Obvious Signs of Mold in Your House

Recognizing the Obvious and Not-Obvious Signs of Mold in Your House Mold can grow everywhere and appear in the most unlikely places. Mold is commonly found on walls, ceilings and shower curtains. Many Long Island homeowners do not know about its presence that hides behind walls and underneath floors. They cannot recognize the signs right away, so they do nothing until the problem becomes out of control. Below are a few common signs that can indicate mold growth. Discoloration The most obvious sign of mold is its appearance. It has a dark green brownish appearance with a thick, fuzzy texture.
January 26, 2018

Eight Health Problems Caused By Mold

Eight Health Problems Caused By Exposure To Mold If you have mold growing in your Long Island, N.Y., home or business, then it is essential to take immediate action. The signs of having mold in a building include seeing fuzzy or slimy discolorations on walls, floors or ceilings. There are many types of mold, and it can have a variety of colors such as green, black or yellow. Mold can also create a foul odor, especially when it contaminates the fibers of carpeting or draperies. In some cases, mold is hidden inside wall spaces or underneath floor tile, but this