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November 6, 2017
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Flood Cleanup & Water Damage Restoration

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When you need Flood Cleanup & Damage Restoration

Flood Cleanup can be a daunting process. When you purchase your home or business you may be faced with the option of acquiring flood insurance. Many people will pass up on this if their home or business is not in a floodplain. While it seems logical to not be out the added monthly expense there are several ways a home or business can flood that has nothing to do with being on a flood cleanupfloodplain.

Some scenarios that may require water removal and flood cleanup are:

  • Sprinkler system being triggered due to a fire or malfunction
  • Excessive rains that cause sewers to back up into structures
  • Ice and snow melt
  • Natural disasters
  • Water leaking through a roof
  • Plumbing malfunction which can cause backup and overflow

When faced with water damage and need flood cleanup services on Long Island it is important to first contact your insurance company. It is beneficial to find out of the damage that has occurred will be covered by your business or homeowners insurance. Next, you will need to find a water removal company that can assist with your water damage. There are many choices for companies that will handle water remediation but you can also ask your insurance company if they have any particular companies that they recommend. Another way to select a water remediation company is to search online. Hiring a reputable company is extremely important when dealing with flooding and water.

If you find yourself a victim of water damage there are a few things you need to know before the professionals come in to restore your property:

  • Be aware of items that are plugged in, you do not want to get electrocuted.
  • Wet items will be heavy, lift with caution.
  • Remove any items that are valuable.
  • If the damage is minimal furniture can be separated from wet carpet by using foil.
  • Blot dry any wet items that you were able to relocate to safety.

Professional Long Island, NY water remediation/flood cleanup companies will be able to see the clean up all the way through the process. These cleanup companies are capable of removing water, providing industrial fans to speed up the drying process, performing fire damage clean up and removing mold. Whenever a person has to deal with the damaging water they also have to realize the moisture is a breeding ground for mold. Hiring a company that knows how to safely treat your structure is extremely important. If water is not cleaned up properly mold can grow in areas you may not even be able to visually see.

There are some things that are recommended to be taken care of prior to a professional cleanup company’s arrival. Taking care of these tasks will help move the cleanup along much quicker.

Water Damage Cleanup Tips:

  • Do not leave fabrics or rugs in place. These will be heavy but removing them is important.
  • Do not leave books, newspapers or other papers on wet carpets.
  • Never use your vacuum cleaner to remove water but you can use a shop vac.

There are several steps to water remediation and damage clean up. After you have talked to your insurance agent and found a clean-up company there are a few things you can expect to happen. The company will ask you a wide variety of questions over the phone, this will help them understand the situation and better assist your needs. An agent from the company will be immediately sent out to your property to assess the damage and come up with a treatment plan. This plan of action will inform you on their process, costs and the estimated time it will take to remove and treat the property. Upon your approval, the company will set a time to begin the removal process. Depending on availability it may start right away. After all of the water has been extracted from the property the company will then begin the drying and dehumidifying process. This process is standard with all water remediation companies as it helps to prohibit the growth of mold and bacteria. Different water clean-up companies will have different methods but the most common methods include the use of fans to help circulate the airflow and speed up the drying process.

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Those are the basic beginning steps of clean-up for damage caused by water on Long Island. From this point on the plan has been discussed with the property owner. Depending upon the damage that was caused and the individual needs of the property a cleaning and sanitizing process may also be necessary. In areas where the water has sat for a while, typically due to extreme flooding, this process will be necessary. When the water is allowed to sit then bacteria and mold can form. After the cleaning and sanitizing is completed then restoration will be required. These two additional treatment options are more commonly used for extreme flooding victims. If you have an upstairs plumbing problem that caused a smaller scale cleanup need then you most likely won’t need these types of additional treatments. The agent of the company you selected will be able to go over all of the needs your individual property will require.

While nobody wants to face the destruction that water can cause, it is a very real risk for nearly any type of property. A number of natural causes can cause water to damage a property; living near water is not always going to be the cause of damage. Understanding the risks and how the process will go will better prepare you in case you face this type of damage. Keeping calm and remembering basic safety will help make the clean-up process go smoother. If you feel you may be more susceptible to flooding then it would be handy to have a water remediation company’s number handy so if flooding does occur, you will be ready.

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