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Mold Removal Long Island

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Mold Remediation (Removal) Long Island

When mold has invaded your Long Island, NY property, it is important to deal with itMold On Sheetrock quickly. In as little as 72 hours, mold can spread through your entire home or business, increasing the complexity of the mold removal process.

If you have a mold infestation in your home or business, contact Restoration Dispatched for a free assessment of your situation. Our team proudly provides mold restoration services to all of Long Island, NY. 

Our teams of highly-trained mold removal experts on Long Island are ready to respond. Restoration Dispatched utilizes the most advanced and up-to-date mold removal technologies and methodologies.

Restoration Dispatched provides free Mold Removal estimates to all of Long Island, NY. Our teams are certified, insured, and highly trained. Call now for a free estimate from a qualified project manager.

What Is Mold Removal on Long Island?

Microscopic mold spores exist naturally almost everywhere, both indoors and out. The complete removal of mold is actually impossible, which is why the technical term for reducing the amount of mold present in a home or business is called mold remediation.

Mold Removal is a term most commonly used by home and business owners. The actual name of the process in which mold levels are reduced is called mold remediation. For the sake of simplicity, the terms are often used interchangeably.

There are safe and acceptable levels of mold in a home or business. If your property is within the safe levels, you need to get what is known as an indoor air quality test. This test is done by an independent 3rd party both before and after the mold removal process. The results of an indoor air quality test will identify the type of mold present and determine if mold removal is necessary.

When is Mold Removal Long Island necessary?

Mold In KitchenMold removal (remediation) is necessary if an indoor air quality test shows that the levels of mold on a property are beyond what is considered safe.

There are acceptable levels of mold in a home or business. Also, some types of mold are less hazardous than others. An indoor air quality test will determine both the type of mold as well as the levels of mold present on the property.

Is there such thing as Dangerous Mold?

The quick answer is yes. While mold spores are present everywhere, not all mold is harmful. Some types of mold can cause serious health problems for people who are allergic or have asthma. Other types of mold can cause structural damage to your home or business.

Some mold, such as black mold, should never be disturbed in order to prevent it from becoming airborne and spreading throughout the property. If you suspect you have black mold, contact a mold removal expert on Long Island immediately.

What are mold spores?

Mold spores are tiny particles that exist naturally both indoors and outdoors. Mold reproduces by releasing mold spores into the air. Mold removal is the process of reducing the amount of mold present back down to a safe level.

What are the health effects of mold?Mold Testing

Mold can cause a variety of respiratory problems, including coughing, sneezing, and difficulty breathing. Mold can also cause skin irritation and allergies. Some types of mold can cause health problems, such as asthma attacks and respiratory infections.

How do I know if I have a mold infestation?

There are many signs that point to mold presence in a home or business, the most common are allergies. Noticing that whenever you visit a specific location, you experience allergies, if the allergy symptoms stop after leaving that location, it is a potential sign of mold presence.

What is the Mold testing Process?

The process of detecting the presence of mold is done by an indoor air quality test. This is a scientific test where samples of surfaces and air inside a home or business are sent to a lab for analysis.

The mold testing report will identify the type of mold present, as well as the levels of mold present on the property. If the levels of mold are beyond what is considered safe, mold remediation is necessary.

There is also a mold inspection, which is a visual inspection for the presence of mold. A mold inspection is sometimes useful in determining if mold removal is necessary. However, an indoor air quality test should always be performed prior to mold removal services.

What Is The Process Of Mold Remediation on Long Island?

Each and every mold removal (remediation) job has different steps depending on the specific situation. There is no one size fits all plan for removing mold in your Long Island, NY home or business.

However, the mold removal process can be generalized into the following steps.

  • Making initial contact with Restoration Dispatched
  • An indoor air quality test is performed
  • Inspection and assessment of the mold damage
  • Containment of the mold infestations
  • Filtration & Cleaning of the air
  • Removing the Mold from the structure and belongings
  • Cleaning the contents and belongings
  • Restoration

How Soon Should I Get Mold Removed?

Spraying MoldMold has the ability to spread and grow in new places. If you have received a mold test confirming the presence of mold in your home or business, it is recommended to get the mold removed as soon as possible. The sooner the mold is removed, the fewer mold spores that spread and grow, resulting in a smaller mold problem.

How Long Do Mold Removal Services Take?

The complete process from the mold inspection to completing the remediation varies depending on how much mold is present and the location. Mold removal can take anywhere from one day to several weeks, depending on the severity of the infestation.

Do I Need to get mold removed?

If mold is found, it is strongly recommended to get the mold removed and identify the source of the moisture causing mold growth. Without fixing the source of excessive moisture or humidity, mold will continue to grow and spread throughout the property. Putting off mold removal can result in a larger job, and higher mold spore counts.

Fixing the source of excessive moisture can help slow down the growth of mold, but it will not kill any existing mold. If you resolve the source of excessive moisture but do not perform mold remediation, it likely won’t improve the amount of mold present in the home or business.

What if I find mold in my apartment?

Typically, your landlord is responsible if there is mold present in an apartment. However, this can differ depending on your lease agreement. It is recommended that you speak with your landlord regarding your concerns. Restoration Dispatched can provide you with any supporting documentation requested by your landlord, such as an estimate and recommended independent 3rd party mold testing services.

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Mold Removal?Mold On Walls

Everyone’s homeowner’s policy is different. When it comes to mold removal services being covered by homeowner’s insurance, it truly is on a case-by-case basis. Each policy covers different things, and the source of mold growth is also a factor. If you are unsure if your insurance policy covers mold growth, you can ask a claims specialist at Restoration Dispatched, or you can call your insurance company to confirm coverage.

When Should I Get A Mold Test?

The two most common reasons for getting a mold test are either spotting mold growth visually, if you are experiencing allergy symptoms when at that location, or if you notice a musty smell on the property. Other circumstances in which a mold test may be appropriate are if you had flood damage that was not properly handled. Not completely drying out a property after water damage can cause mold to grow.

What causes mold growth?

Mold is caused by excessive humidity or moisture present in an environment. Typically, mold is found in a basement, bathroom, or attic. Some common causes of mold growth are:

  • Excessive Humidity
  • Untreated Flooding
  • Leaky Pipes
  • Broken Pipes
  • Leaky Roof
  • Damp Clothes or Towels
  • Condensation on Windows
  • Fire Damage

How Can I Prevent Mold Growth?

Mold grows in moist, wet environments. The most commonplace for mold growth in a home is the basement, bathrooms, or under the kitchen sink. Most mold growth in bathrooms or the kitchen is mild and can be handled easily.

Dehumidification is one of the easiest ways to prevent mold growth, especially in basements. If you notice that your basement is very humid, or if your basement floods, often placing a dehumidifier can drastically reduce the chances of mold growth. The basic principle of mold growth prevention is keeping everything nice and dry.

What Is The Benefit Of Professional Mold Removal Long Island Services?

Spraying MoldThe benefit of hiring a mold removal Long Island is the reassurance that the mold problem will be properly resolved. Mold lives behind walls, in insulation, and affects air quality. Partially complete mold remediation won’t solve your mold problem. Additionally, only removing mold from surfaces won’t remove the mold spores from your air.

Mold removal is a tricky process often best left to the professionals. The pre and post-mold inspections ensure that the mold problem has been completely resolved and that the property is once again a safe and healthy environment.

What parts of long Island, NY do you service?

We proudly service all of Long Island, NY, including both Suffolk County and Nassau County.

If you have a mold infestation, Restoration Dispatched is here to help you with every step of the mold remediation process. Our highly-trained staff can guide you every step of the way, making the mold remediation process as easy as possible. We can recommend professional, 3rd party mold testing companies. We will even work with your insurance company to see if you are covered.

When you work with Restoration Dispatched, you can rest assured that your mold problem will be resolved and that you are getting the best mold remediation services Long Island, NY has to offer. Call us today to speak with one of our dedicated project managers. We offer 24/7 emergency services and free estimates.

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