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Sewage Backup Flood Removal & Damage Repair

Waking up in the middle of the night and finding a sewage backup in your home is truly a nightmare scenario. In this situation, the smell of raw sewage wafting through your Long Island home is bad enough, but in truth, this issue is minor compared to the rest of the problems you could soon be facing if you don’t begin the sewage cleanup process immediately. Extensive water damage to both your home and possessions, potentially toxic mold growth and even damage to your home’s underlying structure can all quickly occur, which make it essential that you take action as soon as you notice the problem. At G-Tech Restoration, our 24/7 emergency sewage removal and cleanup services can be a huge relief for anyone experiencing a sewage backup as we always have teams on standby ready to clean up your home and restore it to its original safe, sanitary condition.

Understanding How a Sewage Flood Can Happen

A partial clog or total blockage in your sewage line can quickly lead to huge problems and often results in everything you’ve recently flushed down the toilet or washed down the drain coming straight back up your plumbingflooded basement and into your house. Many older homes also have problems with tree roots growing into the sewage pipe and eventually causing blockages or even holes. Blockages or other problems with the municipal sewer main can also directly lead to a backup inside your home, and some people also frequently experience backups inside their home anytime the city’s sewage and storm system is overwhelmed by heavy rains.

Your issues can become even more severe in situations where your main sewage line bursts or breaks as this can lead not only to a backup inside your home, but also your entire yard becoming flooded with sewage. No matter what the cause of the sewage flood or backup is, the most important thing is that you immediately take steps to solve it. Proudly serving Suffolk County and Nassau County, G-Tech Restoration’s team of property damage restoration specialists have the knowledge, skills and equipment necessary to efficiently clean up the sewage leak or backup and take whatever other steps are necessary to help prevent long-lasting damage to your home and your family’s health.

The Importance of Sewage Damage Restoration

Simply fixing the cause of the sewage backup isn’t enough since it’s obviously important to also clean up any sewage water. Moreover, decontamination of the entire affected area is also essential in order to ensure a clean, healthy environment for you and your family. Still, in more severe backups, even cleaning up the water and decontaminating isn’t always enough. There is a chance that the water could have soaked through into your walls, floors, insulation, etc., and this is why it is so vital that you seek assistance from a professional property damage restoration company like G-Tech Restoration.

Cleaning up after a sewage backup definitely isn’t something you should ever attempt yourself, and there are many important reasons behind this. For starters, all that sewage water creates an extremely unsanitary condition that has the potential to seriously damage your health unless you take all of the proper precautions. Raw sewage can contain a huge number of dangerous and possibly deadly viruses, bacteria, fungi and other pathogens. E. coli, salmonella and hepatitis are just a few of the many potential health risks associated with a sewage backup. These are all reasons why the job of cleaning and restoring damage from a sewage backup is always left to a trained professional. The job is simply too dangerous and often too complicated for you to risk damaging your home or your health by trying to do it all on your own.

Even after the sewage removal is complete, you’ll also need to ensure any thoroughly soaked or contaminated items are bagged up and safely removed from the house. If the sewage backup is spotted immediately and the problem is tackled quickly enough, it is usually necessary to undertake steps to thoroughly dry out any soaked or water-logged floors, walls, etc. However, more extensive and drastic measures are typically required if the sewage backup wasn’t spotted immediately and water was left to stand for too long.

In this case, it could be necessary to remove any soaked or contaminated drywall, insulation, flooring and other building materials. Although many Suffolk County and Nassau County homeowners may be hesitant to undertake this additional step, the truth is that this is often the only way to fully eliminate the water damage and stop any associated problems. Without this step, you might soon find yourself facing toxic mold growth that has the potential to negatively impact your family’s health in a variety of different ways. Therefore, it is essential that you choose a professional damage restoration company to assist you with the cleanup to ensure that the job is done completely and correctly.

Time Is Often the Most Important Factor

The biggest key to limiting the potential damage the backup can cause and also reducing any possible health problems is to call a professional sewage cleanup company like G-Tech Restoration the second you spot the problem. A major sewage backup could easily end up causing thousands of dollars of damage to your home—not to mention the potential health costs that could be involved should you or any of your family member suffer respiratory problems due to mold exposure or something altogether worse.

Cleaning up the sewage immediately obviously lessens the chances of water soaking deep into your home’s underlying structure and should thus limit the amount of damage it can cause to your home and building materials. Similarly, the only way to stop mold growth is to immediately clean up any standing water and ensure that everything is fully dried out as quickly as possible. Decontamination is also essential to restore your home to a safe, clean and healthy environment. Therefore, if you’re currently experiencing a sewage backup, it is essential that you act immediately. Our team of Long Island sewage removal and cleanup experts are standing by 24/7, so don’t hesitate to contact us the moment the problem starts.

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