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Long Island Flooded Basement Cleanup & Repair

Rapid Response Teams on Standby

Long Island Basement Flood Cleanup

Flooded basements are, unfortunately, very common on Long Island. Going into your basement and discovering water damage can quickly ruin your day, Flooded Basement Water Removalespecially if you have a finished basement. There are many potential causes of basement flooding, ranging from a malfunctioning appliance such as a washing machine or hot water heater to a crack in your foundation or basement walls. Regardless of what caused the flood, it needs to be dealt with in a timely manner to prevent further damage, and, potentially mold growth.

In the event of a basement flood, the first thing you want to determine is where the water came from, and how to stop the flow of water if the flooding in the basement is ongoing. Typically, basements flood from broken pipes, a washing machine, water heater, or from an outside source. It is a good idea to play it safe and shut off the water supply to the entire property if you are unsure where the water is coming from. It may also be a good idea to remove any irreplaceable personal belongings as soon as possible to prevent them from getting water damaged.

If your basement has flooded, Restoration Dispatched is here to help you every step of the way. We have rapid response teams on standby for 24/7 emergency service. Within 30 minutes of contacting Restoration Dispatched a team of highly-trained water damage technicians will be dispatched to your location, we will immediately begin the water damage restoration process upon arrival.

Will My Insurance Cover A Flooded Basement?

Restoration Equipment Most homeowners insurance policies will cover a flooded basement, if the cause of the flood was something inside the home such as a broken pipe, hot water heater flood, washing machine flood, overflowing toilet, etc.. If the source of the water was outside the home, such as rainwater, this is where it depends on your specific policy and if you have flood insurance. The general rule of thumb is if the water flooding the basement came from inside the house, your insurance company will cover you.

If you are unsure of your coverage, our water damage claim experts can assist you. We will deal with your insurance company free of charge, fighting for coverage and ensuring that all necessary services are carried out to restore your flooded basement to its pre-flood-damaged condition.

How To Cleanup A Flooded Basement

Flooding in the basement is a unique situation, as some basements can be finished and some are unfinished, apart from the amount of flooding and the source of the water if the basement is finished or unfinished is extremely important for determining the proper steps for cleaning up the water damage in the basement.

In all basement water damage restoration jobs, the objective is to remove all standing water, and completely dry out the structure to ensure no further damage or mold growth. The extent of this process differs greatly if you have a finished basement or an unfinished basement. The type of water also matters, if the floodwater is sewage water or resulted from a cesspool backup then specific measures must be taken for the removal of the category 3 water and the decontamination of the affected area. Category 3 water contains harmful bacteria, you should always avoid contact with category 3 (sewage) water.Basement Flood

In the case of an unfinished basement being flooded, assuming the basement is all concrete and contains no sheetrock, carpet, or hardwood flooring all the standing water will be extracted, and the structure dried using air movers and dehumidification. Air scrubbers may also be used should any odors be present from the flood damage.

If you have a finished basement, the cleanup and restoration process is much more extensive. With a finished basement flood cleanup service, you need to consider the flooring, insulation, sheetrock, carpet, personal belonging, and much more. A professional water damage technicians can determine if items are able to be restored, or must be replaced.

Although with smaller, unfinished basement water damages you may be able to handle them yourself, if your basement is finished you should hire a professional water damage restoration company to handle the flooded basement cleanup as improper or incomplete water damage restoration can result in mold growth.

What Are The Common Causes Of Basement Floods?

There are countless things that can cause your basement to flood, however, some of the more common causes of flooding in a basement are:

  • Hot Water Heater
  • Broken Pipe
  • Cesspool Backup
  • Clogged Sewer Line
  • Washing Machine
  • Sink Overflow
  • Toilet Overflow
  • Dishwashers
  • Storms
  • Heavy Rain

What Should I Do If I Discover My Basement Is Flooded?

You come home and discover there is flooding in my basement. The first thing you want to determine the cause of the flooding and if the basement is actively flooding, meaning water is still flowing. Typically, we recommend shutting off the water to the property, this ensures that the flooding in the basement will stop if the source is inside the home.

Your next step is to contact your insurance company and put in a flood damage cleanup claim, once you have started with the claims process you should call a basement flood cleanup company as soon as possible. The sooner the water damage restoration process begins, the more damage we can mitigate.

Restoration Dispatched proudly provides basement flood cleanup and water damage restoration services to all of Long Island, NY. We offer 24/7 emergency service to Suffolk County & Nassau County, our rapid response teams are on standby ready to be dispatched. We will also handle your insurance company, and offer free estimates!

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