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Flooded Basement from Burst Pipe

flooded basement

burst pipe in basement

While its causes may form over a period of months, a basement flood will wreak havoc in a matter of minutes. Whether your cellar is finished and carpeted or is an unfinished miniature warehouse, the ensuing water damage is no respecter of property, ruining rugs, furniture and stored possessions in equal measure. While a flooded basement represents costly losses, there is little time to grieve because the damage compounds the longer the water remains. Prompt flood cleanup is essential to salvage what possessions you can. The good news is that an efficient Long Island responder is nearby to help you.

Why Do Pipes Burst?

flooded basement

Pipes rupture for many reasons, but the most common are:


  • Extreme cold
  • Unstable connections
  • Irregular pressure
  • Corrosion

Cold temperatures cause materials to contract – except, that is, for water. H20 actually expands when it freezes, pressing against the pipes which, unfortunately, do not likewise spread farther open. The result, of course, is breakage and deluge. Another source of bursting is when pipes are not fitted and connected securely. Under such conditions, sudden movements of water cause the pipes to move thereby further loosening the points of linkage until…Abnormal water pressure also leads to rupture, since most plumbing conduits are not designed to absorb sudden increases in load. Of course, corrosion eventually so weakens the pipe composition as to invite a burst even if the other factors are absent.

What Kind of Damage Occurs?

You might think the results of water damage are worse for a finished basement flood but a burst pipe can harm more than carpets and couches. In fact, a flooded basement is a problem even when nothing is stored there. Very often, a cellar is home to the furnace and the water heater, both of which are vulnerable to rising water. Crucial components like circuit boards and shut-off sensors are destroyed when immersed under water. Gas lines and electrical outlets are similarly disabled. If an empty basement is threatened by flood, how much more so an understructure full of worldly possessions? Flood cleanup is an urgent priority, then, especially on Long Island and adjacent regions.

A Quick and Effective Response

Since a water pipe can burst at any time, you are best aided by a service that is available continuously. Not only should the response team have the pumps and equipment to remove the water, but it should also possess the expertise to remediate the after-effects. Drying the walls and floor of the basement requires high-capacity air movers, moisture detectors and dehumidifiers. Seasoned professionals check the ducts, corners and crevices for mold—a threat to household health. We at G-Tech pride ourselves on thorough and exhaustive cleanup that leaves your home in pre-flood condition.

Of course, homeowners would rather never experience the flooding that follows a burst pipe. Yet a speedy and effective cleanup makes the trauma of such an accident little more than a bad memory.

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