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November 6, 2017
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November 29, 2017
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When Mold Strikes, We Strike Back

Experienced Long Island Mold Removal & Mold Remediation

Every commercial or residential business, home and property on Long Island can become infested with mold. This occurs with the presence of excessive moisture or water from humid basements to extensive water damage. In just 48 hours, mold can spread throughout your property bringing irritants and allergens that can cause a health risk. At G-Tech Restoration, our highly trained teams are on standby and ready to respond to your mold removal.

Our personnel are highly trained and extremely skilled professionals capable of handling your mold problem no matter what the size. Our mold removal and mold remediation team will assess the extent of your mold damage, any risks present and remove and remediate the mold effectively.

Most of our Long Island clients only noticed they had a problem with mold infestation after the situation had accelerated to a severe level. When there has been water damage in your building, ourmold removal on wall preventative measures will help stop the growth of mold. When moisture is present, mold will thrive. When your property has experienced excessive humidity, moisture or water damage that has not been addressed, there is an excellent chance your property has mold. It is critical to call us because this mold can quickly spread throughout your property. We will provide you with a free estimate if you suspect mold is present on your property.

Excessive Moisture Leads to Mold Growth

Even if there is still excessive moisture or water damage on your property, we can address the issue and provide mold remediation and mold removal services on your Long Island property. Once you contact G-Tech, we will evaluate your property, and take all steps necessary to prevent mold from growing, and spreading in your building. Our methods are proven and effective. Our team is highly trained and experienced, we check your walls, floors, cabinets, and ceiling for any signs of excessive moisture or mold. If we locate mold on your property we offer high quality services to eradicate mold present on your baseboards, drywall, carpets, ceiling, floorboards, furniture and any other areas infested with mold.

Your air conditioning ducts can become infected with mold, and cause the building’s inhabitants serious respiratory problems. We will permanently get rid of these mold spores with a Hepa-Vac treatment to ensure the safety of your inhabitants. Our professional technicians carry Hepa-Vac treatments for this purpose. We additionally use a negative ion technology very effective in the destruction of mold spores. We provide commercial and businesses with ion disinfecting services affected by a mold infestation. This technology lets you know any airborne mold problem in your Long Island building has been effectively dealt with.

Our mold removal and mold remediation specialists are on call 24/7 and ready to take care of your needs. All our professional services are affordably priced, and free estimates are available. When your property has mold, we treat your requirements as an emergency. No matter how severe your mold infestation is, we have the expertise, training, and equipment necessary to take care of your problem.

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