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Mold Cleanup Service - Serving Long Island, NY

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Long Island Mold Clean Up & Removal Service

Mold Cleanup Service – Serving Long Island, NY

Mold exposure can cause adverse Mold Cleanup Wallhealth effects, especially to those who are sensitive or allergic to mold. Symptoms commonly experienced from mold exposure can range from itchy and watery eyes to shortness of breath. Experiencing these symptoms is one of the most common ways mold is discovered, since mold typically does not grow in plain sight in a home or business.

Unlike many other restoration services, mold cleanup service requires a test before the cleanup service is performed to ensure that there is a mold problem on the property, and again after the cleaning process to ensure that the cleaning and remediation were successful. You should always have a mold test done by an independent, 3rd party before any type of mold cleaning or removal services.

If you believe that you have a mold problem, Restoration Dispatched is here to help, proudly serving all of Long Island, New York. Providing emergency service and free mold cleaning estimates. Additionally, Restoration Dispatched can recommend several mold testing companies to you, so you can be sure if there are mold spores or mold growth on your property and that mold remediation is necessary.

What are the common causes of mold?

The leading cause of mold is excessive moisture for a prolonged period of time, mold thrives in moist or wet environments. The source of the moisture can range from an extremely humid environment to water damage that we never properly handled.

Addressing the moisture issue causing mold growth Is a necessary part of the mold cleaning service, this ensures that there will not be future mold growth after the mold removal service was performed.

  • Past flooding

Was your house flooded in the past, and you managed to get rid of the water by yourself? If so, and your home wasn’t properly dried from the flood there is a chance that mold is growing in your house. Floods often create mold growth behind walls or under floors, including other locations that are out of view.

  • Water leaks

Water problems are caused by leaks. If you have a leaking pipe or ceiling, even if you do not notice signs of water damage, there is a chance that mold is growing in your home particularly around the area where the leak is due to excessive moisture and humidity from the water leak.

Mold growth from leaks tends to be hidden. For instance, if a leak was hidden behind a wall or any other surface any mold growth will also be hidden behind the same surface. On the other hand, if the leak wasn’t hidden, it could still be growing behind the wall or surface from which the leakage seeped through.

Can You Clean up mold yourself?

Mold DamageLike many things, this depends on the extent of the mold damage, in cases where there is a small presence of mold in a visible location, you can likely clean up the mold yourself. However, in most cases mold easily spreads and is present on the back of sheetrock, below carpets, in many areas not visible to the naked eye. It not only takes experience to know where to look for mold growth, but you also need to use special cleaning techniques and methods when cleaning foundation, framing, and other support structures of a property.

What Is Mold Remediation?

Mold Remediation is the process of remedying or removing mold from a property, it is essentially the same as mold cleaning or mold removal. The technical term for mold cleaning, mold removal, or mold abatement is mold remediation. This is because mold exists throughout the world, but in healthy, low levels. Mold remediation services are needed when the levels of mold inside your home or business go beyond what is safe, requiring mold cleaning.

When to call a mold cleaning specialist?

If you suspect you have a mold problem in your home, you should call a mold cleaning specialist for an initial free consultation, from there a mold specialist at Restoration Dispatched can recommend if you should proceed with a mold test based on their years of experience.

What are the signs of mold growth?

If you have been dealing with moisture problems for a long time, the presence of mold is very possible. It is a good idea to consider checking for mold growth in areas of high humidity or excessive moisture. Signs that you are facing a moisture problem include discoloration or water stains on floors, ceilings, and walls. When you see this, you should know that it is possible that mold is growing behind or within the material.

Other signs that you have moisture problem is noticing surface abnormalities like bubbling, cracking, or peeling of the Mold Removalwallpaper or paint. In case your walls are bulging, warped, or bowed perhaps it means moisture has managed to get into them. The other clue is if the wall surface including other materials feels damp.

  • Allergic symptoms 

If you keep having problems with allergies every time you get home or to work, there is a probability that mold is growing where you are experiencing these symptoms. Some common allergic reaction includes sore eyes, a runny nose, nasal congestion, and sneezing. Have you noticed that these allergic reactions get worse whenever you are at home or in the office but you feel better each time you go out? This is often caused by poor air quality, if that’s the case, mold may be present at that location.

  • Strange odors

When mold is growing out of plain view, a moldy smell might be the best clue you will get. Never ignore mold smell even if you cannot see any mold. If you suspect you have mold present and are experiencing allergy symptoms it is highly recommended that you get a mold test. If the presence of mold is the cause of your allergy symptoms, the removal of mold will stop, or lessen those allergies.

The highly-trained mold cleanup technicians at Restoration Dispatched are ready to respond. We offer 24/7 emergency services and free mold estimates. Restoration Dispatched proudly serves Long Island, NY; Nassau County & Suffolk County. 

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