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At G-Tech Restoration located in Long Island, N.Y., we offer home and business disaster restoration at commercial and residential properties. Customers living in Suffolk County, Long Island and Nassau County can count on us for emergency assistance after a sewage backup occurs. A sewage disaster can happen for a variety of reasons, including a local flood from extensive rainwater or snowmelt. A sewer line can become blocked, preventing the proper flow of a building’s sewage. In some cases, a sewer pipe is damaged by an event such as an earthquake. Whatever the reason for this problem, you need to have it fixed by professionals as soon as possible, so you should call us for a free estimate.

Restoration Repairs Are Required As Fast As Possible

While plumbers know how to repair or replace sewer lines, they won’t clean your home or business to eliminate the disgusting moisture from a sewage or septic backup. In addition to damaging a building’s materials, the water contains dangerous pathogens such as viruses, parasites and bacteria. The water from a sewage disaster will also have a disgusting odor that will permeate a building’s interior and exterior. Experts recommend immediate remediation for any type of water damage, but working around sewage is especially difficult. The remediation company that you call must have the proper equipment to eliminate the water and filth from sewage.

Raw Sewage Is Dangerous and Requires Special Removal

Raw sewage is classified as unsanitary black water that contains life-threatening organisms. This type of moisture damage is also considered a classification four threat because it won’t evaporate on its own in a short amount of time. In addition, as the water evaporates, the dangerous contaminants will remain on the surfaces. If you have sewage or septic backup in a business or home, then it requires fast remediation services to prevent additional problems that can lead to thousands of dollars worth of damages.

Have Disgusting Sewage Pumped from a Building’s Lower Levels Immediately

Our team of technicians understands how to cope with sewage in basement areas so that the moisture is removed before it seeps into the building’s foundation or creeps up its walls to the upper levels. We have sump pumps available for basements to suction the water and sewage into large containers so that we can take it to a proper location for disposal. If your building doesn’t have any electrical power, then we can use generators to operate the sump pump and other equipment.

Reducing the High Humidity Level Can Prevent Additional Damages

As the moisture from sewage is being pumped from a building, it is essential to reduce the humidity level in a building because it can also cause damage. Flooded buildings often have no power, so that means that there is no air circulation, and without any airflow, the humidity will increase, causing additional odor from mildew or problems from mold growth. At G-Tech Restoration, we also have industrial-strength dehumidification equipment that we can install in a building that has sewage backup. We can also plug these machines into our truck’s generators to keep the air circulating on a 24-hour basis.

Our Technicians Suction the Sewage from All Surfaces

During the dehumidification and sewage pumping process, our technicians are also working on other problems inside and outside of a building, including suctioning moisture from a building’s foundation, floors, ceilings and walls. When a building has carpeting, it will absorb the sewage quickly, and our technicians can remove small amounts of moisture or debris from the carpet’s fibers. However, protecting the underlying materials is more important, so we recommend lifting the carpets to dry the floor tiles along with suctioning the moisture that is along a room’s baseboards. By removing this sewage, it is easier to protect a building’s insulation materials and electrical systems.

Application of Chemicals to Destroy Pathogens Is Vital

The sewage in basement areas can destroy a building’s climate-control devices, making it impossible to heat or cool a structure, and this can lead to additional problems. Our restoration company is able to cool or heat a building to prevent additional humidity or mold growth along with keeping water pipes from freezing. Throughout the restoration process, our technicians wear protective gear such as suits, goggles and gloves to avoid any contamination from waste that can cause a serious illness. While cleaning surfaces, our licensed and insured technicians must apply chemicals that will destroy dangerous pathogens.

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G-Tech Restoration understands that a sewage disaster is traumatic, and property owners aren’t prepared for this problem. When a sewage overflow occurs in a commercial or residential property in Nassau County, Long Island or Suffolk County, we are ready to respond to a home or business as fast as possible. We have the equipment required to begin the cleaning process, and we can arrive at a building in an hour or less.

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