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Emergency Flood Cleanup

The Before And After Of Water Damage And Mold

The monsoon season in New York is only a few months away and with it comes an array of possible disasters waiting to happen especially to areas like Long Island. Of course, people from across the state are working hard to protect their homes from possible floods, molds, leaks and other damage caused by persistent rain. However, even with the tightest preventive measures, some homes still get damaged during the rainy season. For families, this could mean mounting fees on repairs and restoration.

The damage caused by the rainy season and other natural disasters is piling up each year. Some families are even unable to recover from a current disaster yet they are already about to face a new one. During such cases, it is vital to have a keen understanding of what exactly should be done after a storm or flood hits. This way, families are able to avoid the mounting fees that come with mold, rain or flood damage.

We are here to teach you some of the basic things you should do after a disaster hits. These tips will not only help you recover from your losses faster, it will also help you keep your family safe and sound after a natural disaster occurs.

What To Do After Flooding And Mold That Comes After?

Flooding is pretty common in New York especially after a streak of heavy rain. Some of the areas that experience flood are Nassau county and Suffolk county. It is hard to recover after heavy flooding and in fact, water removal is the least of your worries. Flood cleanup is tough work but with the right tools and knowledge, it can be easily done in a few hours.

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, people should also worry about indoor air quality during flood cleanup. Wooden furnitures or other non-hydrophobic items that get wet during flooding could get contaminated easily if not dealt with immediately. Microorganisms like bacteria and viruses use these items as a breeding ground. These can then trigger various diseases and allergic reactions. In some cases, the microorganisms continue to destroy other materials.

Molding is what happens when items that were affected by floods weren’t restored or disposed off immediately. Molding also occurs if a certain object is continuously getting wet either via a leak in the ceiling or something else. While they may not look any daunting, molds are dangerous and these could lead to major complications as well.

People initially think that dousing the affected area with bleach or other strong chemicals is enough to kill off the mold. However, mold goes deeper than the surface so these chemicals are not enough. If mold continues to grow in an inhabited area, it will start to take its toll on the residents over time. Think of an office or a grocery that was hit with a flash flood. If the shelves or tables develop molds, these fungi will affect the worker’s health in a matter of months.

The best solution to this would be to throw the items away immediately. However, there are some cases where you can still restore the item to good health but that is left at the hands of professionals. Unless you really know what you are doing, you should not risk restoring a contaminated item as this could only cause health complications in the future.

The Cost Of Water Damage

Financially speaking, water damage is very costly and it is bound to set back companies thousands of dollars. Of course, homeowners suffer through the same baggage. According to Home Advisor, the national average price for a home restoration is $2, 578. However, families could spend as much as $8,000 while the lowest is still relatively pricey at around $450. The thing is, it is not the cost that they should be worried about the most.

What people should be worried about is the health risks themselves. Getting rid of the diseases that mold brings could cost more than the restoration itself. In worse case scenarios, people completely succumb to the issues. As a property owner, family man or homeowner, you should know that there is nothing more valuable than life itself.

Let The Professionals Do The Work

In flood-prone areas like Suffolk county and Nassau county, people are always experiencing heavy floods and other issues that are brought about by the storm and monsoon season. As such, there are many property damage restoration companies as well. These companies are tried and tested considering the number of homes and establishments affected by flood and molds. Instead of working to fix the problem on your own, the smarter choice would be to hire professionals instead.

One of the top brands in the industry is Long Island based G-Restoration. The company has 15 years of experience when it comes to effective property damage restoration after disasters such as flooding, fires, and more. Most importantly, G-Restoration is capable of completely ridding your contaminated items of mold so you don’t have to throw it away anymore.

As part of its quality service, G-Restoration offers risk-free estimates to see how much it would cost to restore the items. It is a great service to avail especially for companies and offices as flooding could take its toll on an establishment’s day-to-day operations if problems are not sorted out immediately. Since G-Restoration has teams on standby, it is able to provide 24/7 emergency service to Long Island and in nearby areas.

Although it has many services to offer, G-Restoration specializes in flood cleanup and water removal. The company understands how hard it must be for families to live in a flooded home. As such, it works fast and it works as efficiently as possible to return homes into safe and sanitary conditions especially in the case of an emergency service.

Why Let Them Do The Work?

Restoring your house and belongings that were damaged by water manually is doable thanks to instructions online. The thing is, you wouldn’t operate on yourself, right? While manual labor is indeed doable, nothing beats the handiwork of professionals. If that isn’t enough, these guys offer more benefits.

The most immediate benefit is that you get to avoid heavier fees in the future. Water damage gets more and more expensive to deal with as it gets worse. As such, fixing small mold issues before it turns into a bigger issue is the wiser choice especially for business owners affected by the monsoon season.

Not only will these companies prevent molds and water damage from getting worse, but they could also prevent it from ever happening again as they get the job done right done to its core.

Another benefit would be the fact that you will have a more sanitary place if you let professionals do the work. There are some tools of the trade that are not available online. What makes these restoration companies extra helpful is that they know what to do regardless of the situation. If you think you’ve restored your property to 100% on your own, then think again as these professional companies can do a lot better.

We understand your hesitation to avoid such services. It is most likely because of the fees that come with it. However, instead of seeing it as an extra expense to be made, you should see it as an investment for your health and for your property.

Recovering after a flood is no easy feat. In fact, businesses and homes that are affected by floods tend to suffer from the aftermath months after the monsoon season has passed. One of the mistakes they make is that they don’t immediately resolve the issues in their property. Instead of letting things sort themselves out while you wait for something to change, it would be best to let the professionals step in instead.

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