Fire Damage Cleanup & Repair Services - Post-Fire Cleanup

Fire Damage Clean up & Repair

Long Island Fire Damage Removal and Smoke Damage Cleanup Services

Call G-Tech Restoration for 24/7 for fire damage restoration & smoke cleanup on Long Island. G-Tech Restoration offers both Residential and Commercial Damage Restoration, Smoke Damage fire damage removal Restoration, Puff Back Cleanup, Smoke Odor Removal and Fire Water Damage Restoration.

Emergency Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration (Smoke Cleanup)

G-Tech Restoration 24/7 emergency fire damage restoration and smoke cleanup services to Long Island. We have a team of highly qualified and well-trained personnel who will respond to your call within an hour. We treat every call as an emergency, and all our services are provided by the best professionals in the field. Our fire damage restoration and smoke cleanup team has over 15 years of experience and are ready to respond Fire occurrences are tragic because property owners do not only suffer the effects of the fire but also of the firefighting efforts applied. After the fire has died out, you need to take care of the damage caused by the extreme heat, smoke, and water. Ideally, make a call to G-Tech Restoration once the fire has been extinguished and you are safe. In fire damage restoration, every minute counts.

The sooner G-Tech beings the fire damage restoration and smoke cleanup process the quicker your property and peace of mind are restored. Our team of fire damage restoration and smoke cleanup experts understands this, we act quickly to being the restoration process. We will restore your building to its original, pre-fire damage and smoke damage condition. However, there are some things that many people do thinking that they are helping the situation only to cause more damage to their property. Avoid trying to wipe down walls, wooden surfaces, and any other porous material. Avoid moving any upholstered things from their original location. Do not eat any food that was in the affected area during the fire. That applies even to canned food. Open the windows and doors to let the smoke out and allow fresh air into the building. By letting the smoke out, you will reduce the degree of damage that will take place. If the electric power has been cut off, empty your fridge and leave the door open to prevent smoke from settling and creating an odor. Do not try to use strong detergents and bleach to clean off smoke stained areas. Wait for the professionals to arrive since some chemical components may make the damage worse.

Puff Back Cleanup (Smoke Damage Restoration) 

Smoke damage may occur when you get a puff back from a furnace, heater or boiler. Puff backs can cause damage to walls, countertops and other material near the affected area. G-Tech Restoration provides high quality and thorough cleanup from puff backs on Long Island.   smoke damage restoration   For reliable fire damage restoration, puff back cleanup, and smoke damage restoration on Long Island call G-Tech Restoration. We offer free estimates and will handle your insurance company so you can focus on what’s important. Call G-Tech Restoration for fire damage restoration & smoke cleanup today!

If you do not need fire damage restoration services, but have smoke damage or a smoke smell in your home check out our smoke odor removal service page.

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G-Tech Restoration acts quickly to handle your fire damage restoration & smoke cleanup. We will restore your peace of mind and handle your insurance company. Call us today!

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