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Flood Cleanup & Water Removal Services on Long Island

G-Tech Restoration is proud to offer our water damage restoration and flood clean up services to Suffolk County & Nassau County Long Island, NY. With over 15 years of damage restoration & flood clean up service provider for Long Island, NY. We pride ourselves on providing customers with high quality and responsive flood clean up restoration services. Some common water damage services which we provide are as follows: flood water removal, attic water damage, burst pipe water clean up, ceiling water damage, flood damage restoration, basement flood clean up, basement flood clean up, flood damage restoration, flood control, flood repair, water extraction, coastal flood water removal and water damage drying and much more.

Long Island Water Damage Restoration (Flood Clean Up)

There is no preparing for a water damage, they are almost impossible to anticipate and water damages bring with them widespread havoc both emotionally and to your home. Once you discover that you have been affected by a flood damage it is important to act quickly. The faster you react, the more damage you can mitigate and the quicker you can restore your peace of mind and your home. The first thing you should do after a water damage is to see if there is an identifiable source, such as a broken pipe. If you can easily identify the source turn off the water and do what you can to prevent more water from entering your property. After doing so you should wall G-Tech Restoration, a water damage restoration expert. Our team of trained experts are on standby 24/7 and are ready to respond. Once you contact G-Tech a team is immediately dispatched to your location to begin the water extraction process. Once all standing water is removed we then begin the flood damage restoration process which involves carpet removal/drying, sheetrock removal, content restoration and drying/dehumidification of your home. The G-Tech team will closely monitor the moisture in your home, checking every detail to ensure that you are left with a dry, safe home. If you have any questions our Project Managers are always accessible to you, please never hesitate to ask! G-Tech Restoration offers free estimates, and will also deal with your insurance company! We do everything we can to make this traumatic, inconvenient experience as easy and painless as possible. Call Now!

The Water Removal Process (Water Damage Restoration)

The first step in the Flood Clean up restoration process is water extraction. Water extraction is the process of removing any standing water from your property, G-Tech is capable of removing any amount of water with speed and precision, regardless if it’s a few puddles or feet of water in your basement. At G-Tech Restoration, we use powerful equipment that is mounted on our trucks to extract hundreds, if not thousands, of gallons of water out of your property in the shortest amount of time possible. Our Suffolk County Long Island & Nassau County Long Island water damage restoration team will get to work immediately to help you get the damage under control as quickly as possible. When you call on our team, you aren’t going to get some answering service. You are going to get a real IICRC certified water damage expert who will send out an emergency damage crew to your property in just 60 minutes or less. You will be able to talk to a certified damage expert, regardless of what time of the day or night you might call. We are here to help you in any way we can.

Water Damage Mitigation

Once all standing water has been extracted from your property we will begin the water damage mitigation and water damage restoration process. The mitigation process will vary based on the amount of water damage your structure sustained if the flooded area is finished or unfinished as well as the amount of contents affected by the water damage. The first step is the removal of all contents affected by the water damage. Depending on the extent of the water damage your carpet/walls may be able to be dried out, if not they must be removed. A G-Tech Restoration expert will walk you through the entire process, our experts will advise you if items are salvageable or must be removed. Once all wet and affected contents are removed we begin the drying out process. G-Tech Restoration uses high-powered air movers, moisture detection readers, and commercial dehumidifiers to make sure you get the quickest and most efficient drying of your property. We want to make sure your property is as dry as possible, we take every step and precaution to ensure that there will be no mold growth after your water damage.

Flood Damage Restoration & Repair

G-Tech Restoration offers water damage restoration services regardless of the source of water. It can be from a pipe, a storm, a sewage backup or a flood from an external source. G-Tech restoration is here to help. Call us today for a free estimate and to experience the G-Tech Restoration Difference.

If you have experienced a water damage and would like to learn more about what to do if you experience a flood, check out the G-Tech Restoration Blog.  You can also visit our flooded basement cleanup service page for more flooded basement cleanup information.

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