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Frozen Pipe Water Cleanup & Repair

One of the more common problems that homeowners in Suffolk County, Nassau County and surrounding areas experience during winter months is water damage from a frozen pipe. Long Island winters can be brutal, and water inside your home’s pipes can freeze. When this happens, you may initially not be able to use water from the pipe until the ice thaws. There is also a likelihood that the expanding ice may exert so much pressure on the pipe that it ruptures. Water damage from this type of event can be tremendous, and you understandably want to restore your home’s condition as soon as possible. We have teams on standby, and we can provide 24/7 emergency service. Call us now to request a risk-free estimate and to beginflooded home

Important First Steps When Dealing with a Flooded Home

At the first sign of a leak or rupture from a frozen pipe, you may be inclined to grab towels or a mop and begin your own water removal process. However, in order to protect your home from additional damage, it is critical that you turn off the main water valve to the home. This will prevent additional water from pouring into the home and expanding the damaged area. You also need to reach out to a plumber immediately so that the pipe can be repaired. Immediately after you take these first two important steps, you need to contact G-Tech Restoration for flood cleanup service. We are licensed and insured, and we are available to provide you with a free estimate for the cleanup and restoration project. Because we have teams on standby at all hours of the day, you can feel confident that we will not keep you waiting.

The Urgent Need for Professional Water Remediation and Removal Service

We understand that many residents in Nassau County and Suffolk County are inclined to make home repairs on their own in order to save time and money. While a do-it-yourself approach may be advisable with some types of house damage, flooding in your home is a situation that requires a professional response. Keep in mind that some surfaces will be damaged very quickly when they are exposed to water. For example, drywall will quickly warp and must be replaced. Other surfaces may be more likely to be damaged and stained when water continues to stand on them for a longer period of time. In addition, when all water is not removed promptly, the risk of mold growth multiples. Mold growth may also be attributed to high humidity levels in the home after a flood. You can see that you must act quickly, and you must address the issue of standing water, saturated materials and high humidity levels without delay. Our water removal and restoration team has the profound skills, experience and commercial-grade equipment necessary to provide you with faster and more thorough results than what you may accomplish on your own. You cannot take chances with the condition of your home, and we offer 24/7 emergency service to ensure that you receive the quick response that your situation demands.

What to Expect from Our Long Island Water Damage Restoration Team

As common as a frozen pipe situation is for Long Island residents, you may be dealing with this type of water damage for the first time. At G-Tech Restoration, we understand how stressful it can be to see standing water in your home. We are the licensed, insured and experienced team that you can trust to deliver amazing results. When you contact us about your flooded home situation, you can expect us to respond immediately. A project manager will arrive at your home soon to provide you with a free, customized estimate that is based on your unique situation. Because we have teams on standby and available to provide 24/7 emergency service, you can expect us to begin the flood cleanup service right away. After completing the water removal process, we use commercial-grade air movers to thoroughly dry out the home and to reduce interior humidity. While we work efficiently and are focused on providing you with quality work through all stages of the process, we also treat your family and your home with respect.

Understanding the Home Insurance Process

Repair expenses related to a flooded home may be covered by your home insurance policy. We understand that you want to maximize the benefits of your coverage, and you also want to complete all aspects of the cleanup process efficiently and with minimal stress. After you contact your insurance company to initiate the claims process, our helpful team can communicate directly with your insurer. This is an efficient way to manage a claim, and it can dramatically reduce your stress level throughout the process.

How to Prevent Frozen and Ruptured Pipes in the Future

While it is common for pipes in Long Island homes to freeze, many ruptured pipe situations can be prevented. Keeping the temperature of your pipes above the freezing point is essential, and it may be accomplished in a few steps. First, ensure that your home’s exterior walls and attic are properly insulated. Insulation can be damaged by pests It may also slouch down in walls over time and become ineffective in other ways. If you have not checked the condition of your insulation recently, now is an excellent time to do so. In addition, maintain the interior temperature of your home at a reasonable level even if you are not home. Internal heat can penetrate through the exterior walls to keep pipes warmer. Run water through your taps at a trickle during freezing weather conditions. Moving water may be less likely to freeze than standing water. In addition, wrap exposed exterior pipes.

Our team at G-Tech Restoration is available to serve your cleanup and restoration needs today. Regardless of how seemingly minor or serious your situation is, let our professional team provide you with the fast response and thorough results that the situation calls for. Contact us at any time of day for immediate assistance.

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