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Mold Removal Services

Mold removal in your residential or commercial property could be recommended by a doctor after the home has had fire, flooding or sewage overflow issues. However, there is more to mold removal than spraying a few chemicals. Instead, it pays to have a reliable team that can help you and your property 24-hours a day, seven days a week. Along with emergency services, we provide a free estimate for customers, and this helps you work with your insurance companies to reach a resolution that works for both of you. 

After we fix the mold issues in your property, we can also help make the necessary repairs that will prevent the mold from cropping up in the future. When you call us, you can expect our project manager to meet you right away at your property to figure out what you need to do to ameliorate your mold situation. This means there is no cash upfront needed, and we will only start working if you agree to the transparent pricing we present. As a licensed and insure business, we serve customers throughout the Nassau County, Suffolk County, and Long Island area. To learn more about how we can help you with mold, keep reading or call us today.

How do mold removal services do their job?

When you learn you have a mold issue that is so bad it requires professional help, one of your primary concerns might be the chemicals that are used. Depending on the severity of the mold, several techniques might be used, and building materials could be removed instead of treated with chemicals. Despite this, we are happy to help our customers in Suffolk County and the surrounding areas with anti-mold chemicals that are safe for pets, children and people living with certain types of disabilities. Nevertheless, whether we are helping customers with repairs, mold removal, sewage or flood cleanup, our first contact involves a free estimate. Afterwards, with your approval as the commercial or residential property owner, we show up with our team of professionals, and start to assess the mold removal methods that will work the best. With each of our customers, we call before making any changes in the plan, and only make repairs you deem necessary as the property owner.

How long can you wait before calling a mold removal company?

Sadly, too many of our customers in Nassau County and the surrounding area will wait so long to get a mold issue fixed that they forget it can spread. Sadly, it does not take long for microorganisms to grow and take over new territory in your property. This is especially true if they have sufficient heat and water. This means a summer storm can cause your house to get so clogged with mold that other parts of the home must be cleared such as the ductwork and any air filters. Regardless, even small amounts of mold can crop up quickly and cause dire consequences for the inhabitants of the property.

The primary reason customers call us

In addition to service that is 24/7, most customers call us after visiting with their doctor. If the customer is having repeated respiratory issues or has tested positive for mold, the doctor will ask the customer to get an impartial party to do an inspection of the home or business property. The next step after the test is confirmed is to have the customer call a mold removal company. Customers also call professional mold removal companies because they do not want to deal with rejection letters from the insurance company. Naturally, having a contractor that is licensed, trained and insured ensures insurance companies that you, as the homeowner, can actually oversee a project to completion. We can also help with financing options for some customers.

Why are mold removal services hired for microorganism issues in the home?

Unfortunately, mold can be very toxic, and there is not always a clear indication about which mold is present. It may also not be clear at first whether or not these molds are actually inert where it concerns human health. This means you may be clearing up the infamous black mold, but there are other microorganism toxins lurking in fire damage, plumbing leaks in the walls or ceiling, sewer damage and flood damage. While it might seem like a noble pursuit to do a single weekend DIY project to remove the mold, the inexperienced person can find they are exposed to mold and they could end up with severe respiratory issues.

Should homeowners remove mold with DIY techniques?

In some instances, there are small patches of mold that crop up in certain areas of the home. In isolated spaces a patch of mold that is smaller than a dinner plate can often be removed with small amounts of the appropriate chemicals. However, if there was major damage to the property, the mold you see may only be a small portion of what is growing in the building. This is especially true if the mold you see is only the outcropping in a visible area when a much larger patch is lurking behind the walls.

How to get help for your renters dealing with a mold outbreak

If you are in charge of a large rental company that operates near the Long Island area, we can work to help you with a mold issue affecting your tenants. While many rental companies have private staff working to keep maintenance issues under wraps, mold outbreaks might not be preventable. For example, over-usage of humidifiers can cause excess moisture to collect in shared air ducts. This means the habits of one tenant may affect another. If the tenant complains of black mold and presents the necessary documents, the only thing the landlord needs to do is call in a professional mold removal service. This way, if there are additional issues, the landlord has documentation to file with both insurance and also courtrooms.

How homeowners can get help filing mold removal services with insurance companies

When you are dealing with mold issues after the construction crews have already done the new drywall after water damage, there is still hope to get reimbursed by the insurance company. Thankfully, due to our years of experience with insurance adjusters throughout the Long Island area, we are able to predict exactly which types of information they need about your property. For example, we create documentation as we work about your losses such as taking before and after photos. We also include important documents such as permits and other paperwork from local government.

What if you are a renter and have mold issues?

Although most landlords work very hard to keep tenants happy, mold issues may not be something they are familiar with. Most of the time, tenants find out they are sick, and the cause is black mold. What is fortunate in these cases is that mold issues are easy to fix, and you do not need to worry about retaliation from the landlord since having black mold violates legal clauses in the basic tenant lease related to a residence being safe, habitable and sanitary.
Mold On Walls
We help you with preventative measures that stop mold from recropping

Are mold issues preventable? When we help our Nassau County customers restore their residential and commercial properties, we aim for total mold removal. Regardless, removing the mold is only half the battle. Part of this preventative step is to ensure the source of the moisture is taken care of. This could mean fixing the roof or a leaking pipe. The other major component that keeps mold from regrowing is to completely remove damaged materials collecting moisture. After that, we use high-tech equipment to thoroughly dry the area. A final step is to add non-toxic chemicals that prohibit mold growth. When our work is done, we encourage our customers to have a third-party re-inspect the property after we finish our work.

How mold removal service professionals give you the most value

Unlike upstarts that have little experience in mold abatement, we have the training, high-tech tools, and experience to do the job right the first time. We also know how to help you with lawsuits, the proper work permits from your local city government and also insurance paperwork. In other words, if you cut corners with mold abatement, you might end up with a bill the insurance company refuses to pay because you do not have the right documentation or did not hire a company that is insured, bonded and licensed for mold removal. On top of this, we offer transparent pricing, and this means you know exactly how much you are paying for each service before the work begins. We also do not charge you an upfront cash payment to begin working, and we provide a free estimate upon inspection for mold services in the Nassau, Suffolk County, and surrounding Long Island area.

Contact us for your mold removal services

Finding out your residential or commercial property needs mold abatement and removal can feel like a nightmare, but we are here to help you put your fears to rest. If you need assistance right away, we are on-hand 24/7 to get you a free estimate or emergency mold services. To get started, please call us and let us know you need help with mold. We also offer additional services such as flooding and sewer cleanup. We can also help with cleanup and repairs related to fires, water damage and storm damage. Thank you for choosing our company to help you with mold removal or abatement services, and we look forward to helping you.

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