Sewage Clean up & Decomtamination- Sewage Flood Clean up

Sewage Removal & Decontamination

Call us now for sewage backup cleanup, sewage removal, sewage damage restoration & sewage cleanup services.G-Tech Restoration provides all sewage cleanup services to Suffolk County Long Island & Nassau County Long Island.

long island sewage clean upSewage Backup / Sewage Leak

No one wants to deal with a sewage damage, regardless if it’s a toilet overflow cleanup or your septic tank backflows into your property. Sewage cleanup is messy, smelly and needs to be addressed immediately! Sewage water is category 3 water, it is full of diseases and bacteria and needs to be addressed immediately and by a professional such as G-Tech Restoration. The sewage water cleanup process is similar to a water damage restoration process, but much more attention is taken to the sanitation of your home and contents.

Long Island Sewage Cleanup Process

The first step in the sewage cleanup process is the removal of all standing water and sewage in your property. Our teams will utilize high-powered sewage extractors to remove all the standing sewage from your property. Once all of the standing sewage has been removed our teams will then start the removal of all contents affected by the sewage backup or sewage overflow. Anything that has been affected by category 3 water (sewage water) is discarded due to disease and bacteria. Our team will cut all affected walls out, remove all affected carpets, completely clean and sanitize the affected area and then dry out the property. We will use high-powered air scrubbers to clean your air, removing all the sewage smell as well as a thorough and deep cleaning of the affected areas. Nothing is left undone when the G-Tech restoration team has completed the sewage cleanup process your home is left in a cleaner, more sanitary condition than your pre-sewage damage state.

Sewage Removal on Long Island

Time is critical when affected by a sewage damage, the faster you get G-Tech restoration on site to begin the sewage removal and the sewage damage the more damage we can mitigate from the sewage and the faster your sewage removal from carpetproperty will be clean and sanitary. Once you have noticed that you have experienced a sewage damage and are in need if sewage cleanup and sewage damage restoration services call us. G-Tech Restoration will handle your insurance company, and restore your peace of mind so you can get back to what’s important.

Sewage is category 3 water (Black Water), if you would like to learn more about sewage cleanup check out the G-Tech Restoration Blog. You can also check out our Basement Flood Cleanup service page for some tips on what to do if you experience a basement sewage backup.

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