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Flood Cleanup & Damage Repair

Water damage in your Long Island home is something that you may have never considered to be a serious concern until now. The sight of standing water in your home can cause your stomach to sink and your blood pressure to rise. While water is essential for life, it must be properly contained inside the home at all times. Significant damage can occur within a very short time when water is not sufficiently controlled, so you understandably are concerned about the impact that this flood may have on your property’s value and condition. A flooded home may be caused by a ruptured pipe or another type of plumbing issue. A severe storm with heavy rains may result in water gushing into your home or rising in your basement. Regardless of whether your home is in Suffolk County or Nassau County, our reliable team at G-Tech is ready to provide you with the fast response that the situation calls for.

The Need to Act Quickly

The presence of gushing or standing water understandably may make at least a portion of your home unlivable until water mitigation and removal service has been completed. While this is a strong motivator to act quickly flooded basementwhen you are dealing with this type of situation, there is another serious concern related to minor or severe flooding inside of a home. A common result of flooding in a Long Island home is mold growth. If mold growth develops in your home, the cleanup process is more significant, time-consuming and costly. Mold can dramatically impact property condition and value, and it may cause health concerns for you and your loved ones in the home. Because your home may be more conducive to mold growth within a few hours of flooding, you must act quickly to schedule flood water mitigation and cleanup service to contain damage and to return your home to normal as soon as possible.

What to Expect from Our Flood Cleanup Team

While we are not the only water cleanup and removal company serving Suffolk County and Nassau County homeowners, we are your leading choice. With more than 15 years of experience in the local area, you can count on us to deliver impressive results. Because timing is a top concern when you are dealing with a flooded home, we provide 24-hour emergency response and are usually able to respond to requests for assistance within an hour or less. Our team has been properly trained and has access to high-quality equipment that is designed to quickly remove water from your home. Keep in mind that water removal is only one step in the process. After the water has been removed from a flooded home, the home must be restored to its former condition through exceptional mitigation and repair processes. We are your flood mitigation team in Long Island that will serve your needs until all signs of the flood have been removed from your home.

A Closer Look at the Water Removal Process

The flood cleanup process is not a project that you should attempt to complete on your own. Because the possibility of mold growth increases substantially within only a few hours, the water must be removed as soon as possible. Skilled professionals using the right equipment can typically work faster and produce more thorough results than a typical homeowner may. When our water cleanup team arrives at your home, we will use powerful equipment that is mounted to our work vehicles to extract all of the water quickly. Regardless of whether you have hundreds or thousands of gallons of water in your home, rest assured that we can address the situation promptly. Once the standing water has been removed, the issue of moisture and humidity must be tackled. After all, moisture and humidity can also create conditions that are conducive to mold growth. We use powerful air movers as well as moisture detection equipment to bring the humidity level to normal inside the home and to remove moisture in your home’s drywall, cabinetry and more. While some of the damaged materials may be irreparable, such as water-damaged drywall, we can give quickly remove water and dry out the home so that the repair work can begin.

How We Work with Your Home Insurance Company

If water damage is covered by your home insurance policy, you understandably want to file a claim and take full advantage of your coverage. Before you contact your home insurance company to file a claim, it is typically best to stop the flow of water into the house and to schedule assistance for flood cleanup service from our professional team. Once you have scheduled service from us for water removal, you can reach out to your insurance company to file a claim. By following this process to begin the cleanup process first, you can reduce the likelihood of unnecessary additional damage being caused by the water. We want to make the cleanup process as fast and as easy for you as possible. Once you have started the claims process, our helpful team can then work directly with the insurance company to facilitate the processing of your claim.

If you are dealing with flooding in your home in Suffolk County or Nassau County, now is the time to act. Each minute that you delay scheduling cleanup service with our water mitigation and removal team is another minute when the water may be causing additional damage to your home. Regardless of the time of day, we have an experienced and courteous crew that is on standby and waiting to head to your home. Contact us today to request assistance and to begin the cleanup process for your flood-damaged home.


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