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Frozen Pipe Flood Cleanup

Suffolk County and Nassau County residents know that burst pipes can lead to a big mess once it thaws. That’s why they trust the experts at G-Tech Restoration to take care of the problem for them. Long Island homeowners may attempt to clean up the water themselves but learn quickly that some jobs are better left to the experts. That’s where we come in by offering a risk-free estimate delivered by a project manager who travels to your home to assess the situation in person. Requesting a price on water removal services is the first step in taking care of the mess caused by a burst pipe.

Water damage can significantly destroy a home and its contents if not addressed properly. You’ll want to take care of the situation as soon as you discover it has occurred. Waiting to replace broken-pipea burst pipe can cost you significant amounts of time and money in repairs. It can also force you into filing an insurance claim which could ultimately raise your deductible.

Below, you’ll find ways to keep your pipes in good working order so that they don’t get too cold and freeze in the winter. Being aware that this could potentially happen in your home gives you plenty of time to prepare your residence by sealing drafty windows and door frames. Small steps like that save you hundreds of dollars in repairs caused by frozen pipes.

Preventing a Bad Situation from Worsening

There are things that you can do in the meantime to expedite the flood clean-up. The first is to turn the water off so that it won’t continue to flow into your home. An important part of preventative maintenance is knowing where the main water valve is so that you’re able to access it quickly and effortlessly to prevent the damaged area from expanding in diameter.

Next, you’ll need to contact a plumber to repair the damaged pipe. Doing so allows you to turn the water back on so your household can continue using it. Once these steps have been completed, you’ll want to contact G-Tech Restoration to serve your Suffolk County or Nassau County home.

Our water removal services are in high-demand due to their effectiveness in making a bad situation better. We come into the home prepared to clean up and restore it to its former glory before the pipe issue. Our 24/7 emergency team is on standby in order to best meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Your satisfaction is our number one priority. That’s why we go to the lengths that we do to ensure that your needs are met. We want you to know that you can call on us any time day or night with your cleanup request.

Don’t hesitate to contact us right away for a free estimate. Once the pipe in question has been fixed, we’ll be able to handle your cleanup project quickly and efficiently so you can go back to life as you know it. You’ll had a hard time remembering that there once was a burst pipe causing you problems.

How to Keep Your Pipes from Freezing in the First Place

Among the easiest ways to avoid a burst pipe is to take precautionary measures to keep it from happening. Winters in Long Island can be harsh. Homeowners should know how to keep their pipes from freezing so they can avoid the mess caused by leaks and floods.

Here are some things you can do to protect your home from water damage caused by frozen pipes:

Turn up the heat. Get rid of drafts by making sure your home is properly insulated. You may need to caulk windows and even put a barrier between door jambs to prevent cold air from entering your home. That way, when you do turn up your heater, the hot air remains indoors where it should be instead of outdoors where it does your pipes no good. Help direct the heat to where it needs to go with fans. You’ll have better control over the air flow and minimize the likelihood of pipes freezing because the temperatures outdoors dropped.

Keep cabinet doors open to allow pipes to be exposed to warm air. Once you’ve turned up the heat in your home and feel that the temperature is adequate enough to keep pipes from freezing, you’ll need to allow the warm air to work its magic. Open cabinet doors so that hidden pipes benefit from the rise in temps. They’ll be exposed to the hot air blowing through your home’s vents and stay warm enough to keep from freezing.

Leave faucets trickling. Let a steady stream of hot water run through the pipes overnight. That way, they’ll never get cold enough to freeze. You won’t want to leave the faucets on all the way. A small stream of water should do the trick. You will, however, want to do this wherever there is a sink so take into account your kitchen as well as all bathrooms inside the home. Remind other members of your household to leave the faucets on so that the pipes are less likely to become cold and freeze.

Remove garden hoses from outdoor faucets. It keeps them from bursting and causing major water damage inside your home. Remember that this is an issue with faucets that are labeled “frost-proof,” too. Make it a habit to put your garden hoses away before signs of the first frost. That way, you don’t get too busy to remember to do so. You’ll have them safely stored in a shed or garage where they won’t contribute to your problem with burst pipes.

This is a sampling of the things that can be done to prevent pipes from freezing and our crew from coming to your residence for flood cleanup. Taking the time to prepare your home for extreme weather by making sure that it is properly insulated and heated as well as protected from burst pipes is ideal. It saves you time, money, and the need to file an insurance claim because of the damages your property sustained as a result of the negligence.

How Insurance Claims are Handled by Our Company

If you do submit a claim to your insurance provider, rest assured that it will be handled with care by us as a way to minimize stress and maximize productivity. We want to make sure that we’re able to do everything we can to clean-up and restore your home to its original state following a burst pipe. Getting to know your insurance policy in detail helps you better understand if frozen pipes are covered by the insurer.

Any initial questions you have can be directed to your insurance agent. Once you’ve determined that you can file a claim, we’ll be glad to take over all communications. That way, you can sit back, relax, and wait to take back ownership of a clean, sanitary home free from water damage.

A Risk-Free Price Quote Awaits You at G-Tech Restoration

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We handle the biggest clean-up jobs with the greatest ease. Find out for yourself what makes our company one of the best in Suffolk County and Nassau County. You’re under no obligation to use our services after requesting a free price quote so there’s nothing for you to lose.

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