What To Do After A House Fire on Long Island, New York
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What to do after a house fire on Long Island

House Fire

What To Do After A House Fire on Long Island

Not everyone knows how to handle the effects of a house fire. Basic household supplies are not enough to clean up an area damaged by fire. At G-Tech Restoration, we have the equipment and experience to restore any home in and around Long Island. Before you contact us, know what you should do right after a fire occurs.House Fire

Know When to Reenter the Home

After a fire, your house is full of soot and debris. In any situation, you should never reenter when there is smoke and small pockets of fire. You will walk over some debris that is hidden from view


and dangerous if you step on it. The fire authorities may control the area and tell you when it’s safe to go in again. It’s important that you make some attempt to salvage whatever is left of your belongings.

Contact the Right Individuals

Contact your fire insurance provider after contacting family members and fire department. You need money to start rebuilding the house and replacing your belongings as soon as possible. Your insurance company should cover the house and contents along with lost wages and temporary living accommodations.


Do Not Restore the Area Yourself

For your safety, do not restore a burnt out house on your own.  Some houses have live wires, broken glass and falling debris that make cleanups dangerous. Breathing in the soot and mold spores is another risk to your health.

You should recover only salvageable items and leave the thorough cleanups to the professionals. They have decades of experience in cleaning up homes after severe fires. Save a lot of time and energy by working with restoration companies in Long Island.

The emotional effects of dealing with a house fire are profound. In addition, you have the long-term financial problems of buying new property and new belongings. Before you make any major steps, it’s important to know which steps to take. Our G-Tech Restoration workers will handle the step that involves cleaning up your house, removing soot and disposing of damaged items.

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