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What To Do After A House Fire

What To Do After A House Fire on Long Island

Experiencing a house fire is House Firedevastating, and something almost no one is prepared to go through. In the unfortunate event that you experience a home fire, following a few simple steps can make the house fire cleanup experience a little less stressful.

Once the fire has been extinguished, you want to take as many pictures as possible. Documenting all the property damage and personal items damaged in the fire will be helpful with your insurance claim. After documenting the fire, you should contact your insurance company and a fire damage cleanup & restoration company like Restoration Dispatched.

Know When to Reenter the Home

After a fire, your house is full of soot and debris. In any situation, you should never reenter when there is still smoke or fire in the home; you should wait until the fire department says it is safe to enter the home in case there is structural damage. When inside the fire-damaged home, make sure to be careful where you walk as there could be debris or damage to the floor.

Contact Your Insurance Company

After the fire is extinguished and everyone is safe, now is the time to contact your insurance company. You need money to start rebuilding the house and replacing your belongings as soon as possible. Your insurance company should cover the house and contents, along with lost wages and temporary living accommodations.

Do Not Restore the Area Yourself

For your safety, do not restore a burnt-out house on your own.  Some homes have live wires, broken glass, and falling debris that make cleanups dangerous. Breathing in the soot and mold spores is another risk to your health.

You should recover only salvageable items and leave the thorough cleanups to the professionals. They have decades of experience in cleaning up homes after severe fires. Save a lot of time and energy by working with restoration companies on Long Island.


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