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Eight Health Problems Caused By Mold

Eight Health Problems Caused By Exposure To Mold

If you have mold growing in your Long Island, N.Y., home or business, then it is essential to take immediate action. The signs of having mold in a building include seeing fuzzy or slimy discolorations on walls, floors or ceilings. There are many types of mold, and it can have a variety of colors such as green, black or yellow. Mold can also create a foul odor, especially when it contaminates the fibers of carpeting or draperies. In some cases, mold is hidden inside wall spaces or underneath floor tile, but this substance can cause numerous health problems.

Health Problem 1: Sinus Congestion

You might think that your sinus congestion is caused by a cold, but when you have toxic mold in a building, this is one of the most common health problems caused by mold.

Health Problem 2: Throat Irritation

Throat irritation is an additional symptom from having mold contamination in a building. You might have a chronic sore throat, or you might cough and sneeze constantly because the mold spores are irritating your lungs.

Health Problem 3: Skin Rashesmold testing

The mold in a building will create spores that float in the air, and these spores land on all surfaces, including your clothing and skin. A rash caused by toxic mold can make your skin feel dry and itchy.

Health Problem 4: Runny Nose

Rather than having congestion in your sinuses, you can develop a runny nose from mold contamination. Mold is a fungus, and your sinus cavity will create additional mucus to get rid of this pathogen.

Health Problem 5: Itchy Eyes

Several species of toxic mold will irritate the tissues on the surfaces of your eyes. As your eyes are irritated, your body will release antihistamines, leading to an itchy sensation on the surface of your eyeballs.

Health Problem 6: Headaches

If you suffer from frequent migraines, then you may have mold contamination in your Long Island home or workplace. In some cases, mold is growing in a building’s ductwork where it is impossible to see.

Health Problem 7: Respiratory Distress

Your body’s immune system can react quickly to mold spores by trying to close your airways. This leads to respiratory distress or asthma attacks that are dangerous.

Health Problem 8: Cognition Impairments

One of the worst problems associated with exposure to mold is cognitive impairments. Individuals who have had exposure to some varieties of mold have foggy thinking and memory loss.

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If you have mold growing in a Long Island business or home, then contact G-Tech Restoration Inc., in Medford, N.Y. Experts recommend a professional mold cleanup so that property owners can avoid any additional exposure to dangerous mold spores. Our technicians have the proper cleansers and equipment for effective removal of mold-contaminated materials.

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